Essential Job Functions:

  • Sort cartons or die cuts for various quality defects – must be able to readily identify various types of quality defects
  • Possess above average recordkeeping skills to accurately record incoming material, good material salvaged and defective material destroyed.
  • Self-directed and managed to maintain an acceptable rate of sorting
  • Computer literate to use various menus and submenus in our mainframe operating system to gain access to information pertinent to the rework position.
  • Manage labor effectively  to assist in the rework area to maintain sorting efficiencies
  • Communicate on a daily basis the shift results of rework performed
  • Manage hand labor activities, (hand gluing, packing, stripping blanks, etc.)
  • Ensure all paperwork is correct and validated concerning production and labor accounting
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Knowledge of unitizing requirements for Corrugated would be helpful

Other Functions:

  • Forklift
    • Operate bander when necessary

In addition to the functions listed above, the employee is expected to: exercise honesty, integrity and respect with all clients and co-workers, maintain an acceptable appearance and demeanor, demonstrate a positive attitude, dependability, reliability, self sufficiency, communicate effectively with co-workers. Furthermore, to work with accuracy, efficiency and attention to detail, maintain good attendance by working when and where directed, work safely in compliance with all safety policies, respect the work environment and keep it as neat and clean as possible, and exercise initiative to learn new skills and tasks and to help co-workers when possible.  The employee is also expected to perform such other duties and functions as required and assigned from time to time.

The Physical Requirements Checklist that specifies the physical demands for this job is attached and is incorporated into this description.


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • A minimum of 2 years’ corrugated experience or related manufacturing industry preferred
  • Forklift certified


Tape measurer, computers (for reporting purposes), print and cutting dies, machine related devices (both computerized and manual mechanical devices), box cutters, and substrate (corrugated stock)


Employees are expected to follow all facility safety guidelines that include adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and Food Safety as outlined during their training. 

Some machine centers REQUIRE Hand and Arm Protection to increase safety and minimize the opportunity for contamination.  Company issued gloves and sleeves will be issued if determined necessary