Job Summary:

The Bander operator receives product from production packaged to be strapped together into a shippable unit. The Bander Operator makes required decisions as to the best banding pattern so the finished product will arrive at the customer intact with no damage from the banding process.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Checks incoming order for packaging requirements as specified.
  • Prepares the top of the unit with proper dunnage to ensure the product will not be damaged by the unitizer.
  • Checks the condition of the first unit to ensure that the banding tensions and pressures are set correctly not to damage the units, but still hold the integrity of the unit in place for safe transport to the customer.
  • Preprograms new items to ensure consistent banding operations through the Automatic scanning feature prior to banding.
  • Selects the dispatch conveyor to send the unit to the Stretch wrapper.
  • Sets controls to allow the conveyors to send unit to the proper take off lines.
  • Scans the Barcodes on the load tag to receive the unit into inventory
  • Changes any unit Barcode load tag that reflects a change in the original quantity usually identified by a highlighted line through the load tag.
  • Ensures that the units that completed banding through the bander are within the Quality Standards.
  • Reports any mechanical issues to the Warehouse Manager or Team Lead Immediately.
  • Mechanical ability to make minor repairs to the bander heads and stretch wrapper.
  • Must exercise Lock Out /Tag Out practices when performing repairs

Other Functions:

  • Puts new Strapping coils on to feed the banding heads.
  • Using compressed air hose, blows down bander at the start of the shift and ensures the bander heads are clean of any strapping dust.
  • Services the bander heads every 4 weeks.
  • Performs weekly preventive maintenance on the Bander to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Regularly maintains the banding area for cleanliness and organization.

In addition to the functions listed above, the employee is expected to: exercise honesty, integrity and respect with all clients and co-workers, maintain a professional appearance and demeanor, demonstrate a positive attitude, communicate effectively with co-workers and clients, work with accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail, maintain good attendance by working when and where directed, work safely in compliance with all safety policies, respect the work environment and keep it as neat and clean as possible, and exercise initiative to learn new skills and tasks and to help co-workers when possible.  The employee is also expected to perform such other duties and functions as required and assigned from time to time.

The Physical Requirements Checklist that specifies the physical demands for this job is attached and is incorporated into this description.


  • Preferred prior work experience in the corrugated industry
  • Experience as a forklift operator
  • High degree of attention and considerable dexterity in the control of company equipment and in the prevention of damage to materials and equipment
  • Pass substance abuse screening according to company policy
  • Desire to be a part of a winning team, matching work ethic and energy level
  • Successfully pass a Criminal History Records Check
  • Maintain Qualifications as a lift operator as required by law.


Overhead crane, Bander, Stretch Wrapper, Forklift


Employees are expected to follow all facility safety guidelines that include adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and Food Safety as outlined during their training.